We understand that selling your facility, especially if it’s a family-owned one, can be a traumatic, confusing and even painful experience.

In addition to your emotions and your desire to provide for your family and heirs, you bear the responsibility of care for residents and their families – many of whom you’ve known for years and some even longer.

We understand that this responsibility can weigh heavily on you, and, as a small, local group of senior care professionals, we offer the flexibility to help you through this process on your terms and your timeline.

The EF Team and our investors aren’t out-of-staters, corporations or brokers focused on the bottom line. If you want to sit down over lunch and talk about your future options, or if you’re ready to move fast, we’re nearby and ready to meet.

We promise that if you sell to the EF Team, we will deliver you a fair price and the level of care for your residents and community that you and your family pride itself on.

All inquiries are handled confidentially so, when you’re ready to talk, please contact us here.